Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased my BOG-POD shooting stick a few years ago. Will it work with the new quick-change accessories?

Yes, regardless of when purchased, all BOG-POD tripods, monopods, and bipods (with the exception of the SB-2) will work with any of our quick-change accessories. However, some accessories, like the Xtreme Shooting Rest (XSR), are only intended to be used with our tripods.

Why won't the legs on my RLD tighten?

Sometimes, after transit or over loosening, a leg section of the RLD will not tighten. To fix it is very simple (see picture below). Hold the leg section at about arms length with one hand about eight inches above the joint and and the other hand an equal distance below the joint. Put a slight amount of outward or "bowing" pressure on the tube. At the same time, turn the lower tube in a clockwise or the "locking direction." It is important that you apply the pressure AND the turning action AT THE SAME TIME for the leg to tighten again. It may take a couple of tries for this fix to work, however, it will work normally once the lock re-engages. IMPORTANT: THE LEG SECTIONS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO BE SEPARATED. THEREFORE, DO NOT PULL ANY LEG SECTION COMPLETELY APART, AS THIS WILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE THE LOCKING MECHANISM.

RLD leg fix

Why does my CLD (or TAC) make a rattling noise?

Most likely the rubber foot on the All Terrain Foot System is not screwed all the way up or down. Turn the rubber foot clockwise or counterclockwise until tight and this should prevent any rattling noise.

All Terrain Foot System

The legs on my CLD (or TAC) are slipping. What do I do?

If a leg is slipping when you put pressure on it, you need to adjust the tension on the lever locks. Using the small allen wrench that came with your BOG-POD shooting stick (located in the pocket of the carry bag), adjust the screw on the lever lock itself and NOT the one above it (see photo.) Only a VERY SLIGHT turn (about 1/4 turn) is usually needed to achieve the correct tension. WARNING: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR YOU COULD BREAK THE LOCK.

Adjustments to tension

The accessory I bought seems very tight when I insert it into my shooting sticks. Is this a problem?

This is normal and by design.  When installing any BOG-POD accessory, the first few times you could encounter a fairly tight fit. Over time and with use, the fit will gradually loosen up. It will, however, remain tight enough to secure the accessory to the shooting sticks, but it is not recommended that you transport your shooting sticks with any equipment attached to the BOG-POD accessory. NOTE: THE QUICK-CHANGE STEM ON THE PSR AND THE XSR CANNOT BE REMOVED.

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